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A program for users interconnection and instant messaging service
in a Windows 95/98/2000/NT local network.  
Version 2.5.8 (Posted: October 09, 2000 Updated: September 13, 2001)

Important news about update!!!!!!


  • Possibility to send a message both immediately and at given time;
  • Possibility to write to an absent user with delivery later;
  • Notify about receiving and/or reading of your message;
  • You can include the text of original message in reply;
  • You can also send a message as a separate user, a group of users and so all users available on this moment;
  • Possibility to send a message from a command line;
  • Administrator can make default groups that will automatically load by all users of NetWriter. Also,  administrator can control functional capabilities of program from one place on the net (in detail);
  • Possibility to enter IP addresses for connecting manually;
  • Three states of user's status indicator: "Online", "Busy" and "Away";
  • Sound accompaniment of events;
  • Saving of received messages in archive;
  • File transfer;
  • Common chat;
  • Simple, multilingual interface;
  • Does not require installation;
  • Automatically load when Windows starts.
  • Check for new version at startup with possibility of automatic upgrade from one place on the network;
  • Absolutely free;


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