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A program for users interconnection and instant messaging service
in a Windows 95/98/2000/NT local network.  

Administrator can make default groups that will automatically load by all users of NetWriter. Also, administrator can control functional capabilities from one place on the net.
From version 2.5.3 in NetWriter's archive you can find the file This file contain configuration files of NetWriter - NWmain.cfg, NWnetwork.cfg, NWiplist.cfg and NWgroups.db. Unzip these files to directory that read only accessible for all users of NetWriter. Define this directory in NetWriter preferences (tab "Update and administration") for all NetWriter's users. That's all, on the next program's start your preferences join into force.
File NWmain.cfg contain common preferences. Changing this file you can:

  • forbid users to use nickname or to hide computername in info. When using nickname is forbidden -  NetWriter use logon username;
  • forbid users to leave NetWriter;
  • indicate the new path for finding configuration's files. Old user's path will change to your path. It may be useful when you want to transfer configuration's files to a new place;
  • forbid users to change path to configuration's files;
  • determine the option "Check for new version at startup" and forbid users to change it;
  • determine the option "Automatically load when Windows starting" and forbid users to change it;
  • refuse to use DAO. Remember, in this case NetWriter couldn't save received messages, couldn't save groups of users and also, couldn't send messages later. But, if you don't need it or you wont not install DAO on your computer, then... What you gain? You will not receive the message about absent DAO.

File NWnetwork.cfg contain network preferences:

  • use Mailslots or not. if you don't need to support old versions of NetWriter and all of your computers have TCP/IP protocol you can disable it;
  • use Windows Sockets or not. If your computers haven't TCP/IP - disable it. In this case you will see users from your local workgroup only and also you cannot send files between users. But, you will not receive the message "Failed to create the socket" every time when NetWriter starting;
  • reassignment NetWriter's ports. Be careful with it, your preferences join into force after NetWriter's restart and may turn out, that some users cannot see others;
  • determine time for waiting connect between users.
  • send or not broadcast messages for connecting requests.

File NWiplist.cfg. In this file you can input IP addresses for connect directly.

File NWgroups.db - keep groups that will load all users of NetWriter as default groups. You cannot edit it and this file include only as an example. For creating default groups you must make the following steps:
1) run the NetWriter in directory that doesn't contain file NWMail.db;
2) create groups and drag users from "All" group to your new groups;
3) exit from NetWriter and rename new file NWMail.db to NWgroups.db;
4) copy this file to others configuration files.
At the next start of NetWriter your groups will load into group "Default".

If you want to receive information about new versions of NetWriter - subscribe  to the NetWriter news. For this you must send empty letter to


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