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A program for users interconnection and instant messaging service
in a Windows 95/98/2000/NT local network. 
Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I send the message from a command line?

  • You must use next parameters:
    /To - Computer name for sending a message
    /Msg - Text of message
    Command line sample: C:\NetWriter\NetWriter.exe /To ComputerName /Msg Hello

2. Can I use HotKeys when I work with NetWriter?

  • You can use next HOTKEYS:
    In the Main window:
    Alt+A - set status 'Away'
    Alt+B - set status 'Busy'
    Alt+O - set status 'Online'
    Alt+I - get info about current user
    Alt+W - write message
    Alt+P - open preferences
    When you write the new message:
    Alt+S - send message
    Alt+I - get info about current user
    When you read the received message:
    Alt+W - write answer
    Alt+N - next message
    Alt+I - get info about current user

3. What if NetWriter wrote at starting - "Couldn't create messages database"?

  • Probably, DAO is not install on your system. In this case, NetWriter couldn't save received messages, groups of users created by you and also send messages later or from command line. You must install DAO using MS Office 97 setup program or download DAO installer from here

4. Icons before usernames is absent in the main window.

  • If your OS version less then Windows 95 OSR2 - icons with status of users may be absent. For resolving this problem you have to install new version of comctl32.dll  You can download it here.

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